Are Collagen Supplements Beneficial for Health?

Collagen is a tough, fibrous, and insoluble protein that plays the role of connective tissue. It is found in bones, muscles, blood, and skin, and is the third most important protein in the body. Collagen is naturally produced in the body by combining two amino acids. Your body needs proline, glycine, vitamin C, Zinc, and Copper. 

As a person ages, the collagen in the body breaks down making it difficult to produce collagen on its own. A person then starts to take health supplements to meet their collagen requirement. Collagen supplements usually come in the form of powders, but can also be found in the form of capsules, and liquid supplements. 

Benefits of taking Collagen Supplements

Collagen is not only beneficial for you but is also essential in maintaining good health. However, there is not much evidence of the effectiveness of collagen supplements. They help maintain hydrated skin and relieve joint pain, still, there is more research required to find the effects of collagen supplements on blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Given below are some of the noted health benefits of Collagen-

  • They support stronger bones: With age, your bones start to lose bone density, break easily and take longer time to heal. Studies reveal that taking collagen supplements daily increases bone density, slows the aging process, and helps the body produce new bones. 
  • They hydrate the skin and promote elasticity: Collagen supplements that are taken orally are known to improve skin elasticity and hydrate skin in old age people. They might also reduce wrinkles. 
  • They promote healthier nails and thicker hair: People especially women who age might experience thinning of hair and breaking of nails. Studies have shown that women taking daily collagen supplements experienced thickening of hair and faster nail growth. 
  • They help to reduce osteoarthritis pain: People who suffer from knee osteoarthritis can take collagen supplements to relieve mild pain and improve joint health. Although, it might take 3 to 5 months for the supplements to show improvements. 
  • They increase muscle mass: When you combine collagen supplements with strength training, it can increase muscle mass and strength. 

Is there any risk associated with taking collagen supplements?

There are not many risks associated with collagen supplements. But pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking any health supplements. The effects of collagen supplements are yet to be explored. 

Before shifting to health supplements, you can naturally produce collagen in your body by eating a healthy diet. 

Collagen is naturally produced in your body when amino acids glycine and proline combine with vitamin C, zinc, and copper. Sources of glycine and proline are foods such as chicken, beef, fish, and dairy products, etc. you can derive Vitamin C, zinc, and copper from citrus fruits, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. 

If you are unable to reach your daily goal of collagen intake, you can include collagen health supplements in your daily routine. However, make sure you are taking the best organic health supplements that contain collagen as their main ingredients. 

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