Why is Healthy Eating Important for You?

Each and every individual on this earth has a different opinion on healthy eating. You may ask different professional healthcare providers to receive unique answers on the topic of healthy eating. This might get extremely confusing for anyone who is looking forward to changing his eating habits.   

To put it simply, you have to find your unique way to eat healthily and that which works best for you. Let’s find out what is healthy eating and why it is important for you.

No matter how hectic or chaotic your day was, when you end up at your dinner table and find the most delicious food served, you are delighted. Good food fuels your body but a healthy meal is what provides your body with essential nutrients and daily calories you need to keep your body functioning. 

Eating too many calories a day can lead to weight gain which further results in various diseases. Excessive weight gain increases the risk of illnesses like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and kidney, liver, and heart diseases. The quality of food that you eat regularly also affects your overall health. 

Eating ultra-processed foods are linked to high mortality and can cause cancer or heart disease. On the other hand, a diet that is full of nutrient-rich foods protects against various diseases and also promotes life longevity. 

A healthy diet contains fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and unprocessed food items that provide your body with essential nutrients. 

Is it necessary to follow a diet chart to eat healthily?

Although many people follow a diet chart to keep them focused on healthy eating. But it is necessarily not possible for everyone to follow a diet chart to fulfill their nutrition requirement.

It is seen that some people prefer a low-carb diet while others prefer a high-carb diet. It is best to just include more and more nutritious food in your daily meals. To put it simply, healthy eating means you have to focus on improving your overall well-being by consuming nutritious food. 

A healthy diet is different for every individual person depending on their location, financial status, proximity, and taste preferences. 

Healthy Eating and Its Basics

Healthy eating is important as it is packed with a highly nutritional diet. Let’s learn about some of the basics of healthy eating-

  • Healthy eating includes nutrient-dense foods: The concept of healthy eating revolves around nutrient-rich food. Nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates are essentially required by the body to function properly. Nutrient density is the number of nutrients present in a food concerning the calories it contains. All foods that have calories don’t make them nutrient-dense. For example, a chocolate bar is high in calories but it lacks vital nutrients. There are many nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables that have low calories whereas nuts, yogurt, egg yolks, avocados, etc are high in calories. Therefore, you must understand that foods that are low in calories are not always healthy and those that are high in calories are not always unhealthy. So your food choices must be based on the nutrient density of the foods instead of low calories.   
  • Healthy eating includes a diversity of diets: To maintain healthy eating habits, you must eat a variety of foods. A diet that is packed with different types of foods promotes gut health, and body weight, and prevents various chronic illnesses. A person can’t try different types of food in one go. So one should start adding one new food at a time and then gradually try various new foods. Studies have shown that the more you are exposed to certain foods the more you become habitual of them. 
  • Healthy eating is about balancing macronutrient ratios: Macronutrients are the vital nutrients- carbs, fats\, and protein that you obtain from food. So you should consume meals and snacks that have a perfect balance of these three macronutrients. Although, it is not always necessary to count on your macronutrient intake and ratio except for people indulging in extreme levels of physical activities. Always keeping a check on macronutrients in your diet can lead to disordered eating tendencies. Different people have different requirements, and it is best to choose your diet accordingly. 
  • Healthy eating means limiting highly processed foods: The best way to ensure healthy eating is by cutting down on highly processed foods. It is not possible to completely cut down on processed foods. Because even healthy foods have also been processed in some way. 

Research suggests that highly processed foods can lead to depression, heart illness, obesity, and other medical complications. Diets that include less ultra-processed foods and more nutrient-dense foods can positively affect your health. They protect a person against diseases and promote overall mental and physical well-being.  

To follow healthy eating habits, you should limit certain foods and add new nutritious foods. Understanding the importance of healthy eating is crucial for everyone to transform their eating habits. 

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